Bikes Available for Adding an Electric System

A variety of Bikes offered by Nomad Cycles

Product Description

Nomad’s Cycles is committed to creating the perfect ride for you.  Have a bike you love and want to electrify?  Let’s work together and try and make that happen.  Want a whole new bike and system? We can help.  With 15 years experience we’ve supported and built hundreds of custom rides for our clients.  The following list are the bikes we can offer that we believe are quality bikes to hold up and support an electric system.

Benno Ballooner

Benno Carry On

BioMega OKO

Black Point Amarok Fat Tire

Breezer Cafe

Breezer Pro

Day 6 Patriot 

Day 6 Sampson 

EZ Trike Classic Sun

Sun X3AX

Velo Orange

Xtra Cycle

Xtra Cycle Leap Kit 








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